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February 1, 2011
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Something Calling Me by Iribel Something Calling Me by Iribel
”This darkness fills me
With cold and fear
I cannot move
Or hear or speak

A scream dies in my mouth
I'm trapped under water
Cold and alone
It leaves a mark
On my skin
So cold”

Factory of Dreams – Something Calling Me


This is part of the huge project that took me most of the last summer and autumn. :love: Last spring I was asked to create the entire album artwork for the awesome metal band called Factory of Dreams. Knowing how much I love to create art inspired by music I was obviously thrilled. It was a long, challenging and wonderful project to make the entire booklet, and now I'm happy to announce that the album, Melotronical, is finally available for the public! :excited:

This piece is called Something Calling Me. It's one of the images I created for the album, and also one of my personal favourites. I really love the dark atmosphere of the song and the lyrics – and I must say it was fun to create an underwater scene like this... :D All the resourses used here are my own.
I might post few more pieces from the album booklet later. Meanwhile, if you want to see more take a look at the Teaser Video. It features samples of the awesome album tracks alongside with some artwork.

”MELOTRONICAL is the 3rd Factory of Dreams album. A conceptual CD, revolving around the evolution of an electronic Molecule into a living breathing Entity. This entity, experiences several stages of life, goes through all emotions, love, hate, fear, happiness... The track list is arranged according to this evolution, and one can have a feel of each stage just by reading each song title, listening to the songs and lyrics. The finale starts with Dimension Crusher, when all hope is lost and a new Universe is idealized through Reprogramming. MELOTRONICAL pushes and goes far beyond the boundaries of the Electronic Progressive Metal genre, and while it is certainly Hugo's and Factory of Dreams' heaviest album, it still retains the fingerprint of Factory of Dreams' sound, with heavy passages balanced by atmospheric parts, rhythmical changes and instrumental sections that are sure to delight all who appreciate the genre.”

The album is available both at ProgRock Records and iTunes . Go get yours! :onfire:

Take a look at the links below – you will find everything there.

Homepage –
Factory of Dreams at MySpace
Hugo Flores music at Facebook
Factory of Dreams at Facebook
Factory of Dreams at Twitter
Factory of Dreams at LastFM


© Iribel 2006-2011
All rights are reserved to *Iribel aka Linda Kindt.
Any material in my deviantART gallery may not be used in any manner without my written permission.
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palixi13 Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
This is absolutely beautiful! So mysterious, and wonderful. Love it so much :D
Awesome draw <3 <3 <3
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Reminds me of the Dead Marshes in The Lord Of The Rings films.
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Harry potter. thats what i thought. Also: EVIL MERMAIDS!
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TwistedLeisure Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
This is why I don't like water DX
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This wonderful artwork has been featured in my September journal here [link]
:heart: Elle
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